Drupal development

I've been using the Drupal open source, PHP/MySQL content management system since 2007. I've seen it progress from version 5 to 8 in that time and steadily build an active community of contributors and a growing roster of high profile end users.

It's become very popular in the public sector perhaps attracted by the large support community and of course the fact that it's open source and free. It's a flexible framework that can be used to build a wide variety of websites and web applications and so it's just as good as a platform for the commercial sector too.

It was more accident than design in my case that I started with Drupal. One of my first freelance projects with White Hat Media, Kevin the CTO said he wanted to try it out as an alternative to Typo3 the CMS they had used for many sites previously. So he kindly bought me a book and the rest is history.

It just rolled on from there a number of projects with Kevin and the team and then some other, mostly Brighton based, digital agencies who also needed Drupal development services and of course it seemed the obvious choice for me if I was working directly with a client who required a CMS driven website solution.

I consider myself a software developer that's ended up by chance specialising in PHP/MySQL and web technologies, but I need to give Drupal a special mention as it has provided me a lot of work and I think worked well for the end client too. So thanks to Kevin at WHM and the Drupal community!